First Design Job Debriefing

First off, I’m not dead. I kinda fell out of love with blogging for a while, but I think we can work on our relationship. I’m sorry for ignoring you, and I just hope that in the future you will come to forgive me. /hug

More on topic, I “recently” (and by that I mean a month ago) finished my first official web design job. I’m still debating whether or not I wanna post the link here, partly because I am not 100% satisfied with my work, partly because I am going to bash the client a tad bit, and partly because my name is on it and I don’t wanna associate myself with… well, myself.

So originally I had written several paragraphs for this post, but I hit a block and realized it was as boring to read as it was to write, so please enjoy this abridged version:

*Client wanted to pay only half of what I quoted
*Client was slow to respond to emails
*Job ended up taking three months instead of two weeks

Lessons learned:

*Never work without a contract, no matter how small the job
*Don’t forget that respect goes both ways

Not gonna go into more detail. Too scatter-brained. Bleh.


First Official Web Design Contract

The title says it all.

I’ve been dabbling in web programming for a few years now, but not in a professional setting.  I’ve mostly worked on personal projects: a custom blog, some security measures, and other little experiments.  Through it all my artistic skills have been…  shoddy, to put it lightly.

Just a few days ago, however, I got a web design/programming job that is right up my alley.  6 pages with the same layout and varying content, a contact form, and a few interactive widgets here and there.  This is the first for-pay site I have done outside of the family.

Pretty excited.  Had lunch with the client on Tuesday (Chipotle, he paid) and we talked about the requirements.  I showed him a mock-up I built and he said it was more than he expected, in a good way.  We discussed some features he’d like to see, as well as some out-of-scope stuff such as advertising and marketing.  Neither of us really knew exactly what was needed, so no price was given.

Regardless, we’ll try to get a more solid grasp of what he wants so I can reform the current version to his liking.  Once that’s done, it will be easier to decide upon a price.  It gets better, though.  Since he doesn’t really “get” Facebook, Twitter, or social media in general, he might be hiring me to maintain a public face for better exposure.  Getting paid to be on Facebook?  Can’t complain.

Overall, pretty excited about the whole thing.  Been working on a plain-English contract based off one I found on the web, so I hope it’ll turn out well.  Right now I am just waiting for him to send some text he wants as well as a business card so I can maybe do a logo for the site.  Yay for more pay!

ADD: The guy also said he has a client of his own who could use some social media consulting, so if all goes well I might end up having an extra client by referral!