Before you give me crap about making a class variable public, realize that making the title of this post a full code snippet would be annoying at best.

For you non-programmers out there, the title roughly translates to “Ah gots mah anvil!”

Came today a little after 1:30 while my dad and I were working on the base for a shed. Took it out, did a ring and bounce test (basically to test the quality) and then sadly had to leave it be for a bit.

We went to the bottom of the hill and I explained a bit about how I wanna do the forge setup. Gonna try a few arrangements and see what works. Also gonna invest in an easy-up-easy-down style roof, basically just some canvas or tarp with string on the corners. Gonna feed the string through some screw-in eyes put into four trees in the area.

Relating to the rust removal, I am planning on letting the nails sit for another 4 hours to make it a total of 24. I can see a lot of bubbles on the surface of the vinegar, which is a good sign. Not sure how well it will work, but here’s hoping.


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