A Scary Thought

It’s 6:00 PM and I am bored in class. Teacher is going on about the difference between reactive and proactive anti-virus. Fun stuff. I decide to check eBay for anvils, and after a few minutes I see one I like.

6:05 PM now, and I have decided to go through with the purchase. For $155 I could get a 40 lb anvil, 14″ long by 3″ wide with hardie and pritchel holes. Not a bad deal. At this point I realize it’s been a few years since I have used my eBay account, and I don’t remember the password.

6:07 PM. I go to recover my account info. I’m asked some questions that I know the answers to, but I have mistyped some of them. I’m tired, give me a break. I re-enter the info. Wrong again. Oops, I forgot that I used to use a different address. Third time’s a charm.

6:10 PM. Alright, “Buy Now”. Free shipping, so the total is $155, and I make a $5 donation to some children’s education fund. Oh crap, gotta verify via PayPal.

6:12 PM. Alright alright, I admit it. I wrote down the password to my PayPal because it was long, and the pass is at home somewhere. No problem, “I forgot it”. Not even asked questions this time, just for my email.

6:13 PM. Email arrives, click link, reset pass. Damn, not long enough. Alright, got it. PayPal pass changed.

6:14 PM. I go to confirm the order, change my address to my current one, and click the button to complete the order.

6:15 PM. I sit back and smile as I revel in my quick grab of a good deal.

6:16 PM. Holy shit I just did all of that in 15 minutes.

Think about this. In 15 minutes I went from being half-asleep in class to having goods shipped across the country to my doorstep. This could have easily been done by someone else with the right knowledge. Emails are fairly simple to intercept in a coffee shop. You can guess a staggeringly high amount of questions/answers. A professional criminal could have done this faster, and with more accounts nabbed in one sitting.

It’s kinda scary to think that I basically just hacked myself while answering questions in class and texting my friends. And I didn’t even realize I had done it.


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