First Official Web Design Contract

The title says it all.

I’ve been dabbling in web programming for a few years now, but not in a professional setting.  I’ve mostly worked on personal projects: a custom blog, some security measures, and other little experiments.  Through it all my artistic skills have been…  shoddy, to put it lightly.

Just a few days ago, however, I got a web design/programming job that is right up my alley.  6 pages with the same layout and varying content, a contact form, and a few interactive widgets here and there.  This is the first for-pay site I have done outside of the family.

Pretty excited.  Had lunch with the client on Tuesday (Chipotle, he paid) and we talked about the requirements.  I showed him a mock-up I built and he said it was more than he expected, in a good way.  We discussed some features he’d like to see, as well as some out-of-scope stuff such as advertising and marketing.  Neither of us really knew exactly what was needed, so no price was given.

Regardless, we’ll try to get a more solid grasp of what he wants so I can reform the current version to his liking.  Once that’s done, it will be easier to decide upon a price.  It gets better, though.  Since he doesn’t really “get” Facebook, Twitter, or social media in general, he might be hiring me to maintain a public face for better exposure.  Getting paid to be on Facebook?  Can’t complain.

Overall, pretty excited about the whole thing.  Been working on a plain-English contract based off one I found on the web, so I hope it’ll turn out well.  Right now I am just waiting for him to send some text he wants as well as a business card so I can maybe do a logo for the site.  Yay for more pay!

ADD: The guy also said he has a client of his own who could use some social media consulting, so if all goes well I might end up having an extra client by referral!


One response to “First Official Web Design Contract

  1. That is awesome! Putting talents you have to use for people who cant do it themselves. Whoot! (and yay for free food, lol)

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