Well, Charcoal Worked

Right.  So last time I posted, I talked about making charcoal and the forge designs.  Good news is, the charcoal works.  Bad news is, it works so well that it burned down our cabin.

Here’s what (I think) happened:  The fourth batch of coal I made, I only let cool for about 15 minutes or so, instead of the almost half hour I normally do.  I also didn’t seal the top as well, so some flames might have made it in.  The coals were perfectly cool to the touch, so I tossed the good ones into the box with the rest.  However, one of them must have had a small part smoldering that I missed.

Flash forward about an hour, and we get a loud pounding on our door.  Police are everywhere blocking the street, and I smell smoke.  Look down to the bottom of the hill, and a huge fire has taken up residence where our cabin used to be.

Fire was put out fairly quickly and didn’t spread to the trees surrounding it.  Luckily nobody was hurt, and the monetary losses were not substantial (at least not as bad as they could have been).  I am really sad that we lost the wagon my dad made for me as a baby.  It was made of oak and honestly would have lasted another 50 years at least.

So where are we now?  Waiting for the insurance guy to come out, doing minor cleanup, and making tons of jokes about how my hobbies all end up badly.


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